Help Connect Your Clients

With Their Divine Souls!

Exclusive Masterclass for Hypnotherapists + Coaches

What You’ll Learn At the 2 Day Masterclass!

✔️ Introducing the Higher Self to your clients (pre talk) 

✔️ The background of spiritual hypnosis journeys.

✔️ Sets of inductions that will bring your client to their divine self.

✔️ The importance of Intention for the session

✔️ Guiding your client through the realms

✔️ Knowing what usually happens when you get to the soul and working with it.

✔️ The importance of the Divine Light

✔️ Coming back with the knowledge

✔️ Learning lessons while in the light.

✔️ Knowing how to intuitively integrate this method within your own practice.

These are just some of the important things we will go over during the class.


Hilary is a Master Hypnotherapist who specializes in taking clients through Life Between Lives, Past Life Regression, QHHT® & NDE Recovery!

HYPNO/SOURCE® is based on what she has learned from taking clients through the process of connecting to their divine selves. 

After this Masterclass, you will be able to add the elements learned about connecting your clients to source to your regular practice!

HYPNO/SOURCE® Certificate given at the end of each Masterclass!

"I always see the most healing done in the fastest amount of time when my clients make the connection to their divine selves!"

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Meet your Instructor

Hey there! 

I work almost every day with clients concerning their spiritual endeavours, through hypnosis. Whether it's travelling through spiritual realms, meeting their guides and higher selves, visiting past lives or recovering lost information in our NDE recovery sessions!

I was heavily drawn to this line of work because of my own spiritual awakenings that have happened over the years through hypnosis! 

I know for certain that adding this course to your list of Hypnosis Tools will uncover beautiful transformative experiences for your clients!

Hope to see you there!

Hilary Leehane


Hypnosis Training

Wow your clients!

Adding this Masterclass to your repertoire will most certainly make you stand out in your respective field! 

I have seen incredible transformations happen right before my eyes. Clients meeting loved ones that have passed, healing old wounds, feeling connected to the universe and source!