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HYPNO/SOURCE® is a Masterclass for current Hypnotists and Coaches to learn how to quickly and efficiently connect their clients with their divine soul selves! 


02 information

Hilary is a Master Hypnotherapist who specializes in taking clients through Life Between Lives, Past Life Regression, QHHT® & NDE Recovery!

HYPNO/SOURCE® is based on what she has learned from taking clients through the process of connecting to their divine selves. 

After this Masterclass, you will be able to add the elements learned about connecting your clients to source to your regular practice!

HYPNO/SOURCE® Certificate given at the end of each Masterclass!

I always see the most healing done in the fastest

amount of time when my

clients make the connection to their divine selves!

03 client story

"I asked Hilary if she thought she could help me to revisit my out of body experience. I was absolutely shocked and delighted that she was able to take me right to the place where I had seen my husband walking on the night of his passing. Basically I was escorted by two angels to see where he was going to be welcomed home." - L. Jones


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